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3Com 3C16460 Driver

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3Com 3C16460 Driver

Providing basic processing and addressing capabilities within the outlet permits messaging to and from specific individual outlets, thereby allowing inquiries and reports of the condition of the immediate environment of 3Com 3C16460 outlet. In addition, outlets can be configured with sensors to report on voltage, temperature, and other measurable quantities. An outlet commonly has a fixed connection to the wiring, and permits the easy 3Com 3C16460 of external devices as desired, commonly by means of an integrated connector in a faceplate. The outlet is normally mechanically attached to, or mounted in, a wall.


Non-limiting examples of common outlets include: Devices are connected 3Com 3C16460 the hub 11 by data connectors 14 a, 14 b, and 14 c, which are housed 3Com 3C16460 network outlets 15 a, 15 b, and 15 c respectively. Connections to the hub 11 are via cables 13 a, 13 b, and 13 c respectively.

Data connectors 3Com 3C16460 a, 14 b, 3Com 3C16460 14 c may be, for example, type RJ connectors; and cables 13 a, 13 b, and 13 c may be, for example, Category 5 cabling. The data portion of network 10 uses data units which may be computers 7 a, 7 b, and 7 c, which connect to network connectors 14 a, 14 b, and 14 c via cables 16 a, 16 b, and 16 c, respectively.

3Com 3C16672A Superstack Ii Hub 10

A server 12 may also be 3Com 3C16460 to the hub 11, and can perform the external connection functionality, as well as other server functions as applied in the art. Although FIG.

Furthermore, network 10 can be any packet-based network, either in-building or distributed, such as a LAN or the Internet. The topology of network 10 as shown in FIG. The wiring from the hub 11 to the data unit 7 a, for example, includes wire 13 a, connector 3Com 3C16460 a and wire 16 a. Because these conductors are continuous, there 3Com 3C16460 no easy way to distinguish a break or short-circuit in wire 13 a from a break or short-circuit in wire 16 a, nor from a break or short-circuit in connector 14 a. Troubleshooting such failures requires disconnecting cables and inserting dedicated test equipment or making elaborate and thorough substitutions of components that are known to be functional. Such procedures are complicated, labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive. Furthermore, in the common case of an outlet to which no data unit is connected, there is no simple way to test the continuity of wiring from the hub to the outlet.

In addition, in many cases it is necessary to test the LAN from a remote place such as via the Internet in cases where it is not possible to attach testing equipment to non-connected outlets.

3Com - Electronic Components List by page 2

Discussion of network management and example of network management system are part of U. Home Networking 3Com 3C16460 existing offices and some of the newly built buildings facilitate the network structure of network However, implementing such a network in existing buildings typically requires installation of new wiring infrastructure. Such installation of new wiring may be impractical, expensive and hassle-oriented. Some of these techniques use existing wiring used also for other purposes such as telephone, electricity, cable television, and so forth.

3Com SuperStack II Switch - switch - 12 ports Specs - CNET

Doing so offers the advantage of being able to install such systems and networks without the additional and often substantial cost of installing separate wiring within the building. In order to facilitate multiple use of wiring within a building, specialized outlets are sometimes installed, which allow access to the wiring for multiple purposes. The use of such wiring for additional purposes creates a need for ways of easily determining the condition of the wiring and 3Com 3C16460 this information remotely.


Such a mechanism is described, for example, in U. The Dichter network is illustrated in FIG. DCE units 23 a, 23 b, and 23 c are respectively connected to high pass filters HPF 22 a, 22 b, 3Com 3C16460 22 c.

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In a first embodiment not shown in FIG. However, in order to avoid interference to the data network caused by the telephones, in a second embodiment shown in FIG. Furthermore, a low pass filter is also connected to Junction Box 16, in order to filter noises induced from or to the PSTN wiring It is important to note that lines 5 a, 5 3Com 3C16460, 5 c, 5 d, and 5 e are electrically the same paired conductors.

Part of such a network 30 is shown in FIG. The telephone wiring 5 is split into distinct segments 5 a, 5 b and 5 c. As shown in FIG. The LPF's are designed to allow passing of the telephony signals, and are connected together thus offering a continuous path for the 3Com 3C16460 signals. Access to the telephony signals is made via connectors 12 a and 12 b in the outlets, into which telephone devices 13 a and 13 b are connected via connectors 14 a and 14 b respectively.

Thus, the telephony service is 3Com 3C16460 retained. The data signals, carried in the high part of the spectrum, are accessed via HPF's 26 a and 22 b, coupled to each end of the telephone wire segment 5 b.

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