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Adata RB16 EOL Driver

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Adata RB16 EOL Driver

A "contents valid" flag, wmc. In addition, a six bit field for register last used, wmc.


Further, a one Adata RB16 EOL flag for register and thread valid, or wmc. The process by which the microcache is initially written with a wide operand, and thereafter verified as valid for fast subsequent operations, may be better appreciated from Figure 8. The process begins atand progresses to step where a check of the register contents is made against the stored value wmc.

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If true, a check is made at step to verify the thread. If true, the process then advances to step to verify whether the register and thread are valid. If step reports as true, a check is made at step to verify whether the contents are valid. If all of steps through return as true, the subsequent instruction Adata RB16 EOL able to utilize the existing wide operand as shown at stepafter which the process ends. However, if any of steps through return as false, Adata RB16 EOL process branches to stepwhere content, physical address and size are set.

Because steps through all Adata RB16 EOL to either step orsteps through may be performed in any order or simultaneously without altering the process. The process then advances to step where size is checked. This check basically ensures that the size of the translation unit is greater than or equal to the size of the wide operand, so that a physical address can directly replace the use of a virtual address. The concern is that, in some embodiments, the wide operands may be larger than the minimum region that the virtual memory system is capable of mapping. As a result, it would be possible for a single contiguous virtual address range to be mapped into multiple, disjoint physical address ranges, complicating the task of comparing physical addresses.

By determining the size of the wide operand and comparing that size against the size of the virtual address mapping region which is referenced, the instruction is aborted with an exception trap if the wide operand is larger than the mapping region. This ensures secure operation of the processor.

Adata Rb16 Eol Driver Download

Software can then re-map the region Adata RB16 EOL a larger size map to continue execution if desired. Thus, if size is reported as unacceptable at stepan exception is generated at step If size is acceptable, the process advances to step where physical address is checked.

If the check reports as met, the process advances to step Adata RB16 EOL, where a check of the contents valid flag is made. If either check at step or reports as false, the process Adata RB16 EOL and new content is written into the dedicated storagewith the fields thereof being set accordingly. Whether the check at step reported true, or whether new content was written at stepthe process advances to step where appropriate fields are set to indicate the validity of the data, after which the requested function can be performed at step The process then ends.

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Referring next to Figures 10 and 11, which together show the operation of the microcache controller from a hardware standpoint, the operation of the microcache controller may be better understood. Adata RB16 EOL the hardware implementation, it is clear that conditions which are indicated as sequential steps in Figure 8 and 9 above can be performed in parallel, reducing the delay for such wide operand checking. Further, a copy of the indicated hardware may be included for each wide microcache, and thereby all such microcaches as may be alternatively referenced by an instruction can be tested in parallel. It is believed that no further discussion of Figures 10 and 11 is required in view of the extensive discussion of Figures 8 and 9, above. Various alternatives to the foregoing approach do exist for the use of wide operands, including an implementation in which a single instruction can accept two wide operands, partition the operands into symbols, multiply corresponding symbols together, and add the products to produce a single scalar value or a vector of partitioned values of width of the register file, possibly after extraction of a portion of the sums.

Such an instruction can be valuable for detection of motion or estimation of motion in video compression. A further enhancement of such an instruction can incrementally update the dedicated storage if the address of one wide operand is within the range of previously specified wide operands in the dedicated storage, by loading only the portion not already within the range and shifting the in- range portion as required.

Adata RB16 EOL an enhancement allows the operation to Adata RB16 EOL performed over a "sliding window" of possible values. In such an instruction, one wide operand is aligned and supplies the size and shape information, while the second wide operand, updated incrementally, is not aligned. Another alternative embodiment of the present invention can define additional instructions where the result operand is a wide operand.

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Such an enhancement removes the limit that a result can be no larger than the size of a general Adata RB16 EOL, further enhancing performance. These wide results can be cached locally to the functional unit that created them, but must be copied to the general memory system before the storage can be reused and before the virtual memory system alters the mapping of the address of the wide result.

Data paths must be added so that load operations and other wide operations can read Adata RB16 EOL wide results - forwarding of a wide result from the output of a functional unit back to its input is relatively easy, but additional data paths may have to be introduced if it is desired to forward wide results back to other functional units as wide operands. As previously discussed, a specification of the size and shape of the memory operand is included in the low-order bits of the address. In a presently preferred implementation, such memory operands are typically a power of two in size and aligned to that size.


Generally, one- half the total size is added or inclusively or'ed, or exclusively or'ed to the memory address, and one half of the data width is added or inclusively or'ed, or exclusively or'ed to the memory address. These bits can be decoded and stripped from the memory address, so that the controller is made to step through all the required addresses. This decreases the number of distinct operands required for these instructions, as the size, shape and address of the Adata RB16 EOL operand are combined into a single register operand value.

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