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AOC AG322QWS4R4 Driver

AOC AGQWS4R4 drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore. AOC Internationa AGQWS4R4 (AOC). Screen #1 Spec. inches (80 cm) / x pixels @ Hz. Miscellaneous. AOC continues to raise the standards for design and performance with our award winning monitors.‎Vg · ‎eV · ‎eSd · ‎eFw.


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AOC AG322QWS4R4 Driver

The human eye, curved as it is, has a limited viewing angle. Curved displays are better suited to presenting on-screen content more naturally for the human eye, thereby reducing eye fatigue. Instead of a boring flat display, the curved monitor surrounds your vision with a 3D sensation. Effects lighting on the back panel can be changed to red, green or blue, to suit the mood of play, or match team colours at gaming events. With AOC Game Color, adjust colour saturation and grey level with 20 levels of detail for a better game experience. Conventional 60Hz monitors can show distracting motion blur when displaying games with rapid AOC AG322QWS4R4.

Ultra-fast Hz refresh rate enable sharper action. With Shadow Control gamers can dial-in shadow levels in the OSD Menu to increase contrast for better dark areas on the screen definition without affecting the rest of the screen. Low Blue Mode software, featured in all AGON displays, reduces harmful blue light emission wavelengths under nm found in most monitors. This AOC AG322QWS4R4 your eyes stay protected, especially over longer gaming sessions. When the HDR was switched off the game looked really flat and very dull as all the colours seemed muted.

Now my previous experience with FH4 was not like this and was, in fact, a lot nicer. The culprit here was the in-game settings. But if you spend some time tweaking the HDR image it will become a little more vibrant with heavier levels saturation as well as having darker shadows. So be sure to spend some time AOC AG322QWS4R4 the image as HDR can look very nice, if you are willing to tweak it. Audio For audio, the AGQC4 has two upward firing speakers that are mounted around the back of the monitor as well as an audio port to plug in your headphones.

Listening to music, gaming and watching movies is an okay experience as the speakers are reasonably clear though they are quite tinny and a touch thin sounding with no real depth. So we would recommend using a set of dedicated speakers to get more from the monitor and to enhance any form media you may be consuming. Once in the OSD there are six main options to choose from, the first is Game Setting and within there you can switch the game mode on or off, alter the shadow control, change the game colour, adjust the dial point and overdrive as well as change the input lag, add a frame counter and change the volume.

The next option is Luminance, and here you can change the contrast, brightness, alter the Eco mode, change the gamma and turn DCR Dynamic Contrast on or off. Next in the OSD is Image Setup and within this option, you can tailor the clock, phase, sharpness, the horizontal and vertical position as well as toggle the HDR on or off. You can finally see all the different attributes of the monitor. For example, the DCR mode only boosts the contrast ever so slightly, and on the other end of things, the Game Settings really alter the way the display looks, but not in a manner that is overly pleasing by default. Of course, steps could be taken to tweak the Game Settings even more and make them more appealing though that is more work than it ought AOC AG322QWS4R4 be.

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Keep in mind these are personal preferences, and your opinion will differ. Within the box, there is a disk that contains a few different pieces of software that can control various AOC AG322QWS4R4 aspects of the monitor. We would advise you actually download these instead, as the ones on the disk are for an older version.

Essentially, these bits of software do what the OSD does, but without having to physically use the monitor. First up is i-Menu and this does AOC AG322QWS4R4 quite dated. Next, you can control the colour temperature, in which you can adjust the main colour profile and manually change AOC AG322QWS4R4 RGB levels.


AOC AG322QWS4R4 that is colour boost and with that AOC have included six different styles of enhancement to choose from. However, upon trying to use them, we noted virtually no difference to the actual output of the display in terms of colour or saturation. After that is picture boost which allows you to tailor AOC AG322QWS4R4 vertical and horizontal position of the display. Finally, you have the settings, extra and information.


The next bit of software is e-saver which is essentially a tool for your monitor that allows you to adjust when the monitor automatically powers off and when it goes to AOC AG322QWS4R4. Within the G-Menu there are six different sub-menus AOC AG322QWS4R4 you to play around with. First up is the Game Modes and here AOC has implemented three different modes to suit different genres of games.

AOC AG322QWS4R4 monitors drivers

After that is Game Sync and here you can further customise the game modes. Within this sub-menu, you can set different modes to different applications. For example, you could have the monitor automatically change when you load the desktop and then change again when you load AOC AG322QWS4R4 favourite FPS title. Next is Light FX which essentially allows you to turn the LED accents off or on or alternatively change the colour and output brightness of the LED accents on the monitor.

AOC AGON AG322QC4 1440p 144Hz HDR Monitor Review

AOC AG322QWS4R4 the lighting, you get the LowBlue modes which lets you filter out the blue light produced by the monitor. We used standard as the default, but if you like things really bright, then the sports setting in what you should use.

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Finally to the last sub-menu which is the AOC AG322QWS4R4. On here you can change your preferences, the resolution, refresh rate, image scale, the input type, and set window transparency which changes the transparency of the software. All in all the G-Menu software is really good and very useful, though we wish AOC would have AOC AG322QWS4R4 all three to streamline the whole experience that much more.


When just using the monitor for daily tasks the image produced was great: However, for casually editing photos for social media, it was more than capable. Gaming is where AOC AG322QWS4R4 really shone, and whatever was played on it, was handled extremely well; whether it was solo adventure titles or fast-paced shooters, the AGQC4 handled them AOC AG322QWS4R4.

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