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Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital Driver

Gravis Xterminator Digital GamePad free download. Get the latest version now. Gravis Xterminator Digital GamePad: Drive, fly, dribble, jump. Hi all, I've been using my trusty Gravis Exterminator Digital gamepad for a good 7 years now, and it's finally given up the ghost with several of. Xterminator Digital GamePad Features. Digital Directional Pad (D-Pad). (If you prefer, you can use Gravis Xperience to assign a different.


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Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital Driver

Being a first-person shooter addict, I would Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital normally recommend a gamepad to anyone, finding them generally a cumbersome and unresponsive way of doing things compared to a mouse. I found that mouse control in Crimson Skies to be near unworkable however, and spotting one of these things second hand in a junk shop, snapped it up.

So on to what you get on this gamepad, brazenly ripped from Gravis' website as it seems accurate enough: The standard 8-direction digital D-pad the larger of the two directional pads is ideal for quick directional changes in arcade and sports games. The proportional D-pad allows smooth directional movement for games that require more accurate directional control the kind of control usually available only with a joystick. In games that support these functions, these buttons do the obvious; Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital, you can use the software to assign keyboard commands to them.

The two large, index finger-activated flippers at the top of the pad are proportional. Games may support these proportional flippers in a number of ways.


For instance, in a flight or driving simulation, the flippers are typically used for proportional rudder or throttle control. The flippers can also be assigned to send keystroke commands to games that do not support additional axis-type controls. Use the Hotset switch to switch temporarily to a second Gameset. This allows the buttons to perform Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital separate sets of button functions. If you prefer, you can use Gravis Xperience to assign a different function to the HotSet switch button, and you can set any button on the game pad to function as the HotSet switch.


The throttle slider provides smooth, proportional throttle control for games that support it. The 8-way point-of-view switch is a third directional control, typically used to change cockpit views in flying or driving games.

Gravis Xterminator Digital Game Pad

In Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital games, it may be used to twist the torso of a game character or as an additional control for strafing motions. Setting it up Unlike some modern gamepads I've spotted, this one still uses a midi port rather than a USB slot.

The part that plugs into the midi has a pass-through affair on it so you can chain other devices on there, but to be honest it sticks out quite far and I would be very concerned about attaching another device on there, given the weight it would put on the back of your soundcard. Windows wasn't able to see the Gamepad plug-and-play style until the Gravis software was installed on the machine. Here you see it with both the D pads pressed down: Most of the time this will be enough to let you run Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital. Crimson skies seemed happy enough with the default settings, but you may want to play around with things a bit. To do this you need to go into the Gravis Xperience software. You get a large oval control panel on your screen with all kinds of features which can be enabled by pressing odd buttons.

Gravis Xterminator Digital Game Pad Overview - CNET

It takes a bit of getting used to, but after 10 minutes of playing round with the settings I was fairly comfortable with it. You can set the proportional pad Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital to emulate a joystick or even a mouse if the game doesn't seem to like talking to what it rightly thinks is a gamepad.


Settings can be saved so you can load a particular set for a game, although I couldn't find any really quick way of switching between multiple sets other than the Hotset function. In use First the bad news. I couldn't find any games that wanted to work with the Digital D-pad Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital opposed to the P padhaving tried all sorts of settings.

It all seems to be set up okay, and it detects fine in the normal windows control panel. Both these games worked fine however with the proprtional pad, although proportional is slightly too slow IMO for a beat'em'up. Also the D-Pad is not very comfortably postioned, being set too far over to Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital right for my left thumb to easily reach.

Gravis Xterminator Digital (44111) Gamepad

Priority in the design has obviously been given to the P pad, which sits on the 'sweet' spot. In short this is not a good pad if you want to play this type Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital game. The P proportional pad is a different matter however.

I found the gamepad to be very comfortable in my mid-size hands using this controller, more so than the standard old-style Playstation pad I used in the past. In Crimson Skies it was very smooth, detecting subtle Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital very well while reacting quickly to fast movements. The rudder controls on the top are also useful for strafe type movements, again registered proprtionally.

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It took a while to ge the feel to the speed contorl above the 6 buttons on the right as it is a bit high up, but with some patience it bcame second nature. The Point of View Switch is effectively a third D pad, allowing you to, Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital example, look around from within the cockpit in a flight-sim without changing the direction the plane is facing. I say should because results vay a bit.

Crimson Skies seems perfectly happy. Metal Gear Solid was fine with the P pad too. Unreal Tournament just seemed to want to slowly arc round in a downwards spiral whatever settings I used, even unplugging my USB mouse in Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital that was interefering. Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital 2 seemed very happy with it, including the accelerator control. I tried GP to see how a racing game did, and while I could set it up as a 'Gamepad' fine in the Options screen, it would only work properly once the in-game menu was told it was a joystick.

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So in conclusion A very nice gamepad to use once you have gone through the sometimes difficult procedure of setting it up. I have not tried other gamepads on a PC before so cannot honestly tell whether the difficulty there is Gravis GamePad Xterminator Digital configuration is specific to this controller or a general gamepad problem.

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