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Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 Driver

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Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 Driver

Scrap Metals - MapQuest

Purpose designed Magnom filtration units are now used to remove ferrous particles. Working in conjunction with traditional barrier techniques, they provide unmatched levels of filtration on the vehicles. These filters are now commercially available to Caterpillar dealers across North America. Leading hydraulic lift gate manufacturer Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 wanted to reduce the risks of component failure caused by fluid contamination. The efficiency and small size of the Magnom CP In-Line Circuit Protection Units provided the ideal solutionand were specified as standard components. Pedinghaus is a leader in steel fabrication technology and its machines are used throughout the world.


Our customer, a user of its drilling machines user wanted to pre-empt problems with magnetic contamination. Four days of testing was all it took to demonstrate the sheer amount of contaminant that Magnom In-Line Midi unit could Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2, ranging from 1 to 40 microns in size, and the Magnom units were specified for use throughout the plant. Magnom was asked to find Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 solution for a trawler owner who had been having problems with the hydraulic winches his crew — and livelihood — relied on and which were virtually impossible repair while at sea.

We suggested fitting a Magnom stainless steel module in the hydraulic line to remove contaminants. We went back to check after five months and the system had proved to be trouble free since the Magnom unit has been installed.

Hydraulics - Magnom

Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 analysis of the hydraulic oil showed high levels of ingressed contamination from the factory environment and debris from welding, grinding and sandblasting during the building of the cars. The answer, delightfully simple, proved to be Magnom Midi In-Line units, fitted to the main Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 systems. Martin Marietta produces construction aggregates in North America, and challenges its fleet off road vehicles with hydraulic systems with just about the toughest working environment possible. Maintaining a vehicle fleet that can be relied on, no matter what, is critical and so our dealer recommended standard Magnom In-Line units.

Used on Caterpillar haul tricks and loaders, they protect hydraulic and transmission systems.

Now a Magnom Midi In-Line unit cleans the fluid of magnetic contaminants to prevent a repetition. Engineers fitted a standard Magnom Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 unit and, on the next routine hour service, found it to be heavily laden with contamination that would otherwise have been left circulating in the system. Site engineers reported longer oil and barrier life and the potential for longer service intervals. They had realised that the standard 25 micron canister filter was not able to remove ferrous contamination Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 is introduced when they first start up and test the units after refurbishment.

Now, a Magnom Midi, easily installed In-Line, eliminates contaminants and debris before refurbished units are returned to the customer. Post-rebuild start up wear is greatly reduced and refurbished pumps have longer life. After a top bearing in a large gearbox had overheated, a large US paper plant called on Magnom to find a way to keep the plant running.

The plant had been uncomfortably close to a catastrophic failure! Engineers installed Magnom technology upstream of conventional coalescing filters.


After a week the fluid was completely clean — and Magnom was being specified throughout the plant to filter diesel and water lines. Nissan Motor Company was experiencing regular failures of the lubricant recirculation pumps on grinding machines at their UK crankshaft production shop. These were immediately capturing in excess of 8kg of contaminant every 2 to 3 days, delivering savings in overhaul and downtime costs as Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 as improved product quality.


The highly -viscous lube oil used in the gearboxes precluded the use of barrier filtration, so engineers had been relying on strainers and bar magnets until they discovered Magnom technology and were Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 virtually to eliminate failures. Ricomix Oy who manufacture parts for Wartsilla diesel engines were already using Magnom Clear 5 and Clear 10 units to filter the cutting fluid in an Okuma Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 lathe with excellent results when they identified a problem with a Sunnen single stroke honing machine.


Replacing paper Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 weekly was proving to be very expensive. Such were the results that Ricomix have had the confidence to do away with the standard filtration all together and rely solely on the Magnom technology. While still owned and operated by Corus, Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 Steel Works Beam Mill had experienced several bearing failures on the static and mobile hot saws, all due to ferrous contamination. A UK Magnom distributor, Linden Group, installed a Magnom unit on the main drive lubrication system to help improve the cleanliness of the circuit.

The service life of the oil was increased and, should a bearing begin to fail, engineers had the reassurance that the Magnom unit would protect the rest of the circuit components from being damaged by the debris. The failures were Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 contaminant related, and fitting a standard Magnom filter has effectively reduce failure and wear, enabling the customer to rely on a key piece of on-site plant to keep working for them.

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Having already ordered a Magnom Midi In-Line filter for an older machine used in Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 underground operations, Martin Marietta engineers were quick to realise that it would also be the solution for a brand new Fletcher roof bolter that had gone down very early in its service life. Given its working environment, it was no surprise to find Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 the problem was due to contamination of hydraulic valves and our dealer was quick to supply another Magnom filter, which resolved the problem. Allison commercial transmissions are relied on as real workhorses, and often used in hostile environments and without breaks.

The installation of a Magnom Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 5 filter to protect the pump in a hydraulic press both extends the life of the pump and increases the reliability of the press. It was estimated that savings reaped from the extended life of the Parker Hannifin filters had paid back the cost of installing Magnom technology in less Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 6 months. In-Line Magnom Midi unites were chosen and they provide protection for all bearings, gears, seals, and pumps. Equipment life is extended, breakdowns avoided and productivity optimised.

A key factor in choosing Magnom was how easy its Brother WALTCO-NORTH-2 are to check and clean. Taking the advice of an Allison rebuild specialist with 35 years experience, they chose a standard Magnom Midi filter.

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