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Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN Driver

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Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN Driver

In some situations, APs that are not neighbors of a particular AP are also sources of interference for the particular AP, such as when the non- neighbors are within interference range of the Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN AP but are not within transmission range. Thus, according to operating environment, an AP is interfered with by Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN or more of one-hop and two-hop neighbor APs, as well as non-neighbor APs and non-AP emission sources.

Acer Gateway EC14 EC18 Series Lan Intel WLAN 512AG_HMWG Shirley Peak 5100 MM#897072 KI.SPH01.005

Each of the wireless access devices covers a respective geographic area referred to as a "cell" where Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN is desired. Example wireless access devices include base stations such as used in Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN networks and APs such as used in WLANs. Hereinafter the term 'AP' is used for brevity of description to refer to wireless access devices in general, including cellular network base stations and WLAN APs.

All of the cells taken together represent a coverage area of the network.

Intel Wireless Gateway (WLGWBAK) - WikiDevi

Users or customers connect to the network Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN various devices having wireless communication capability that is compatible with one or more of the APs, such as laptop or notebook computers, PDAs, phones, and other mobile or portable devices. The connecting devices are referred to as clients with respect to the network.

The APs are interconnected via any combination of wired and wireless links, and optionally interact with a server such as a centralized controller. As overlap of cells increases, more time is available for a roaming Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN to change association from a current to a new AP note that as a roaming client moves more quickly, less time is available to change associations. The diverse frequencies and channels enable multiple simultaneous communications.

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In some usage scenarios, such as scenarios associated with certain frequency bands, as few as three channels are available for assignment. In some usage scenarios, such as scenarios associated with an unlicensed band, devices "external" to the network e.

Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN Windows Vista 32-BIT

Examples of external devices include elements of neighboring networks Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN as APs of a nearby network and non-network devices such as microwave ovens and cordless phones. The factors include how many channels are available for allocation, as well as existence and characteristics of interference present on various channels. For example, identification of a time characteristic of an external interference source enables more efficient Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN assignment, such as not using a particular channel to avoid a permanent interference source, or using a particular channel in view of a transient interference source.

Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN 64 BIT Driver

The transmit power level is determined based on coverage requirements. The assigned channels are determined to maximize overall performance of the APs operating as a set in the network; e.

More specifically, APs, and are enabled to participate in Network An example assignment of channels is illustrated, with API assigned to channel 1 chlAP2 assigned to channel 2 ch2AP3 assigned to channel 3 Gateway EC18 Intel WLANAP4 assigned to channel 3 ch3 and AP5 assigned to channel 1 chl. In some embodiments, one or more of the Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN to the Central Server are wired, such as Ethernet cables, and in some embodiments one or more of the couplings are wireless, such as via The network is enabled for communication with Internetas exemplified by couplings to Internet and Similar to the couplings to Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN Central Server, in various embodiments some of the couplings to the Internet are wired such as Ethernet and some of the couplings are wireless such as In some embodiments, all APs of a network have a linkage to the Internet.

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A portion of the APs are illustrated as being in communication with clients, specifically AP4 with Laptop via channel 3 as illustrated byand AP5 with Laptop via channel 1 as illustrated by The figure is an example only, as embodiments with any number of APs, each enabled to operate on any number channels, with any number of clients, are possible.

Subsequently, channel assignments are recomputed, wholly or in part, such as in response to changes in numbers of APs in the network, interference sources, or traffic load "Ongoing Channel Assignment" Optionally, clients are spread across the APs of the network by controlling which APs the Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN associate with to form a more even distribution "Load Balancing on APs" Information and statistics concerning communication provided by the network is gathered and collected "Client and Traffic Load Statistics" and used to influence assignments of channels over time Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN to balance load across the APs of the network.

Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN Driver

In some embodiments, the initial operating condition determination also controls transmit power. Collect AP operating context information neighbors, channel assessment Determine initial channel assignments as function of context information Communicate channel assignments to APs Loop: Operate network and collect AP operating information number of clients, traffic load Reassign channels as function of collected operating information, objectives such as AP client load balancing Determine transmit power as function of collected operating information Communicate new channel Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN and transmit power to APs GoTo Loop Note that in some embodiments, the channel assignments are determined locally to each AP, and thus are automatically Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN to the APs without explicit communication.

Processing begins with each AP evaluating conditions on each channel and computing local availability of each of the channels.

Each respective one of the APs listens on a respective one of the channels and records a fraction of time that the respective channel is busy with transmissions or emissions. The respective AP records receptions errors, as the errors possibly indicate presence of interferers.

Interferers include devices with signals that are not decodable by the respective AP such as devices that are too far away or are encoded in a manner unknown to the respective AP. Interferers further include devices having emissions that are side effects not intended to convey information such as microwave ovens. Subsequent processing avoids assigning the blacklisted channels to the particular AP. Gateway EC18 Intel WLAN of the APs develops a respective blacklist, as appropriate, and the subsequent assigning is in accordance with the respective blacklist for each of the APs.

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