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Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) Driver

GAUD3P (rev. ) rev. rev. AMD + SB Chipset BIOS AMD SB provides 6 native SATA3 storage interfaces with. Key Features: Supports DDR3 SDRAM RAM, Supports Upto GB RAM, 14 Usb Gigabyte GALMT-USB3 AM3+ AMD DDR3 G HDMI USB Supports AMD AM3 Phenom™ II/ Athlon™ II processors Dual Channel DDR3 + for remarkable system performance 3X USB power delivery for greater.


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Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) Driver

Damage due to use exceeding the permitted parameters. Note 2 Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) actual memory size is less than the stated amount.

GAA-UD3 won't boot from USB

For example, 4 GB of memory size will instead be shown as 3. Please make sure that the motherboard supports the CPU. Please take note of the one indented corner of the CPU. If this occurs, please change the insert direction of the CPU. Please set the CPU host frequency in accordance with the processor specifications. It is not recommended that the system bus frequency be set beyond hardware specifications since it does not meet the required standards for the peripherals. If you wish to set the frequency beyond the proper specifications, please do so according to your hardware specifications including the CPU, graphics card, memory, hard drive, etc. HT functionality requirement content: Enabling the functionality of Hyper-Threading Technology for your Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev.

3.0) system requires all of the following platform components: Grasping the CPU firmly between your thumb and forefinger, carefully place it into the socket in a straight and downwards motion. Avoid twisting or bending motions that might cause damage to the CPU during installation.


Please note the direction of arrow sign on the male push pin doesn't face inwards before installation. This instruction is only for Intel boxed fan Fig. If the push pin is inserted as the picture, the installation is complete. To prevent such an occurrence, it is suggested that either thermal tape rather than heat paste be used for heat dissipation or using extreme care when removing the CPU cooler Hardware Installation 14 English Installation of Memory Before Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) the memory modules, please comply with the following conditions: Please make sure that the memory used is supported by the motherboard. It is recommended that memory of similar capacity, specifications and brand be used. Before installing or removing memory modules, please make sure that the computer power is switched off to prevent hardware damage.

Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P User Manual

Memory modules have a foolproof insertion design. A memory module can be installed in only one direction.


If you are unable to insert the module, please switch the direction. Memory modules are designed so that they can be inserted only in one direction.

Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) AMD Chipset Driver for Windows 7

The memory capacity used can differ with each slot. Then push it down. Reverse the installation steps when you wish to remove the DIMM module.

Dual channel memory cannot be used if one or three DDR memory modules are installed. If two DDR memory modules are installed same storage capacityone must be added to the Channel A slot and the other in the Channel B slot in order to use dual Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) memory. Dual channel memory cannot function if both DDR memory modules are installed on the same channel.

English The following table is for Dual Channel Technology combination: Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) the related expansion card's instruction document before installing the expansion card into the computer. Remove your computer's chassis cover, screws and slot bracket from the computer. Press the expansion card firmly into expansion slot in motherboard.

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Be sure the metal contacts on the card are indeed seated in the slot. Replace the screw to secure the slot bracket of the expansion card.

Replace your computer's chassis cover. Gigabyte GA-870-UD3P (rev. 3.0) related driver from the operating system. Installing a AGP expansion card: Make sure your VGA card is locked by the small white-drawable bar. Parallel Port The parallel port allows connection of a printer, scanner and other peripheral devices. For more information please contact your OS or device s vendors. Line Out Connect the stereo speakers, earphone or front surround speakers to this connector.

Before connecting the power connector, please make sure that all components and devices are properly installed. Align the power connector with its proper location on the motherboard and connect tightly.

Please use a power supply that is able to handle the system voltage requirements. It is recommended that a power supply that can withstand high power consumption be used W or greater.

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