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KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR Driver

Free Download KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR Firmware Build (Network / IP / NVR / Surveillance / Baby Camera). 4 Channel Plug & Play NVR KT&C KNR-p4Px4 is an outstanding innovative device with high-end Unique Channel 0 remote stream displays user defined. Buy KT&C OMNI-IP KNR-p4Px4 4 Channel Plug-and-Play NVR system, connect 4 IP cameras, 4 PoE ports, 4TB HDD with fast shipping and top-rated customer.

KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR Driver Download

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KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR Driver

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If there is any question or request, please do not hesitate to contact your KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR. Please take into consideration the following precautionary steps before installation of the NVR.

Keep all liquids away from the NVR. Install the NVR in a well-ventilated and dust-free area.

Ensure environmental conditions meet factory specifications. Install a manufacturer recommended HDD. Ensure there is ample room for audio and video cables.

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When installing cables, ensure that the bend radius of KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR cables are no less than five times than its diameter. Connect RS cable if required. Ensure the NVR is grounded. Hard Disk Installation Before you start: A factory recommended HDD should be used for this installation.

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Remove the cover from the NVR by unfastening the screws on the back and side. Connect the power cable KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR the HDD. Re-install the cover of the NVR and fasten screws.

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In the Playback mode, the Up and Down button is used KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR speed up and slow down recorded video. The Left and Right button will select the next and previous record files. In Live View mode, these buttons can be used to cycle through channels.

It can also be used to tick checkbox fields. In Playback mode, it can be used to play or pause the video.

In single-frame Playback mode, pressing the button will advance the video by a single frame. Display local video output and menu.

PoE function May be 4 or 8 ports depending on model. HD version of KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR, optimized for tablets, is available Per user-per camera for multiple functions Multiple types: Please note that supplied values for storage space used is just for reference.

Adding non KT&C Camera to a KT&C KNR NVR KNR-P4Px4 - Digital Video Recorders -

Storage space used is estimated by formulas and may have some deviation from actual value. Open web browser, input the IP address of the device and then press Enter. The login interface appears. Input the user name and password, and click the Login button. The default IP address is The default user name is admin, and password is You may use one of the following listed web browsers: KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR you log in for KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR first time, the system will remind you to install the Plug-in control.

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Close the browser before KT&C KNR-p4Px4 NVR. After the installation, you can configure and manage the device remotely. Live View The live view interface appears by default when you log in the device.

Displays the list of channels and the playing and recording status of each channel. Displays the image of channel, and multi-window division is supported.

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