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Acrox UBJ Driver

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Acrox UBJ Driver

Additionally, the location of the horizontal scroll wheel is inconvenient for effective control.


Further, with this design, it is difficult to easily reach and manipulate one of the wheels, as he or she must reposition his or her hand on the mouse to avoid reaching without awkwardly finger manipulation Accordingly, an alternative arrangement for scrolling a document along multiple axes was needed. Acrox UBJ device comprises a housing that has at least one opening. The device also comprises a scroll wheel assembly that is provided within the housing.

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The scroll wheel Acrox UBJ includes a rotatable member positioned within the opening of the housing. The rotatable member is rotatable about an axis that extends within the housing and is laterally pivotable within the Acrox UBJ relative to the housing.

Acrox UBJ The scroll wheel assembly also includes a movement sensing system that determines when the rotatable member is pivoted laterally relative to the housing. A ball joint is used to facilitate movement of the scroll wheel Acrox UBJ the different directions.

Another aspect of the present invention includes a peripheral computer Acrox UBJ device for scrolling an image across a display screen in perpendicular directions. The device includes a housing and a scroll wheel assembly.

The scroll wheel assembly includes a rotatable member that is laterally pivotable relative to the housing and a Acrox UBJ positioned within the housing for sensing laterally pivotal movement of the rotatable member. The device also includes a controller coupled to the sensor.

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The controller is configured to generate a signal to scroll the image across the display screen. Another aspect of the present invention Acrox UBJ a computer input device having a scroll wheel and a rotational shaft forming an Acrox UBJ of rotation for the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel is coupled to the shaft to enable a rotational force applied to the scroll wheel rotate the shaft with the scroll wheel and to enable a lateral force applied to the scroll wheel to pivot the scroll wheel relative to the shaft.

Acrox UBJ The device according to the present invention makes it easy for a user to scroll an image both horizontally and vertically relative to a display screen without repositioning the Acrox UBJ device. Another aspect of the present invention includes a computer input device having a scroll wheel that is endlessly rotatable about a laterally extending axis and is laterally pivotable. Systems are included for a sensing the rotation of the scroll wheel, b sensing the angular displacement of the scroll wheel, and c biasing the scroll wheel towards a neutral position.

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As shown in FIG. However, according to other embodiments of the present invention, not shown, the scroll wheel assembly 10 is incorporated into other peripheral computer input devices such as a trackball device or a keyboard, or a Acrox UBJ input device. For example, it could also be located in the bezel of a hand-held computer, a larger portable computing device, a web pad, or an Internet appliance, or could be located on the chassis of a laptop computer Like the mouse 6, these other known peripheral devices can have wired or wireless connections to the host computer 8 as is known in the art. The scroll wheel assembly 10 can alternatively be located in a computer monitor or in the base portion of a laptop computer.

For simplicity in description, the present invention will be described as embodied in a computer mouse 6, and the mouse 6 includes actuator buttons However, it should be understood that the discussion of the scroll wheel assembly 10 is equally applicable for use in other types of computer input devices.


Acrox UBJ This laterally pivotable movement is generally in the direction of the sidewalls of the opening. A portion of the wheel 30 protrudes through the opening 15 and away from the outer surface of the mouse 6 so that it can be contacted Acrox UBJ manipulated by a user.

As described in more detail hereinafter, in addition to its normal rotational movement for Acrox UBJ scrolling, the rotatable member 30 is laterally pivotable to horizontally scroll an image on the display screen 2. With reference to FIGS. The rotatable shaft 50 may be coupled to the mouse 6 in any desired manner that achieves the described functionality of providing support and endless rotation capabilities. For example, the opposing ends 51 and 52 of rotatable shaft 50 may be mounted within support blocks 55 and Acrox UBJ having cylindrical bearing surfaces.

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