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AIMS Lab tr288i Driver

External Collaborators. Erika Ábrahám, RWTH Aachen; Luca Pulina, University of Sassari; Alessandro Abate, University of Oxford; Lorenzo Natale, IIT iCub  Missing: tri ‎ ‎Must include: ‎tri. FULL TEXT Abstract: BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Active growth in in the laboratory (disposition of the calyptra can affect sporophyte viability), .. The key rehydrin Tr is known to accumulate during slow drying and most. 1,S-Butadiene,NTP TR 4 . l,bButadiene, NTP TR . Laboratories and on the week studies that began in April and ended in the data examined in this audit are considered adequate to meet the objectives of these studies.


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AIMS Lab tr288i Driver

Fullerton Grant Type: Role of mechanosensitive channels in the human parasite Trypanosoma cruzi Non-Technical Abstract: Chagas disease is an infectious human pathology caused by the unicellular parasite Trypanosoma AIMS Lab tr288i.

2015-2016 Awarded Grants Information

Widely spread in Latin America, its increasing prevalence in the U. Chagas disease is considered AIMS Lab tr288i a major cause for heart disease and it as been associated with increased risk of stroke. During its life cycle the parasite has to cope with extreme changes in environmental conditions, and its ability to adapt to different hosts is key for maintenance AIMS Lab tr288i its infectivity.

The two main questions driving our research are: How the parasite recognizes and attaches to the surface of mammalian host cells? How do membrane proteins regulate the host-parasite interaction?

We are focused in a particular type of proteins known as mechanosensitive channels. These molecules are responsible for surface recognition, sense of touch and pressure and virulence regulation in multiple organisms, including humans. We have identified a type AIMS Lab tr288i mechanosensitive channel TcMcS that is present in the parasites but absent in mammalian cells. AIMS Lab tr288i channel could play a key role in regulating the infectivity of the parasite and represents a potential drug target.

Moreover, the AIMS Lab tr288i of mechanisms of adaptation to a wide diversity of hosts and environmental AIMS Lab tr288i could reveal new aspect of the host-parasite interaction dynamics. Brennan, Catherine Grant Type: Phagocytosis is the evolutionarily conserved process whereby specialized blood cells take up invading microbes such as bacteria into membrane-bound compartments called phagosomes where they are destroyed. While the cellular mechanisms that underlie engulfment are well-characterized, our understanding of the mechanisms that govern the progressive maturation of the phagosome into an acidic, destructive compartment are much less clear.

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Understanding the regulation of phagosome maturation is important not only because phagocytosis is one of the first defenses against infection, responsible for killing invaders as well as activating other immune cells, but also because medically important pathogens such as the bacteria that cause tuberculosis are able to subvert maturation and establish the phagosome as a protected niche where AIMS Lab tr288i can multiply. We conduct our studies in the fruit fly Drosophila, where ease of AIMS Lab tr288i approaches allows for the identification and analysis of novel genes important for phagosome maturation.

We identified psidin mutants as the first phagosome maturation mutant in any organism: From this we can infer that one normal role of the Psidin protein is to promote phagosome maturation and pathogen destruction. In the studies proposed here, we aim to determine how, at a molecular level, the Psidin protein contributes to phagosome maturation. Because cell biological mechanisms are conserved from flies to humans, this research promises to significantly increase our understanding of AIMS Lab tr288i our own white blood cells fight infection, and additionally offer avenues for the development of medicines to treat antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis.

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Loza-Coll, Mariano Grant Type: In vivo analysis of stem cell responsiveness under stress Non-Technical Abstract: Our organs often need to replace cells that were lost to injury, disease or normal tissue turnover. Currently, we have a fair understanding of when and how a stem cell decides to divide in healthy animals, and how its daughters choose between replacing the AIMS Lab tr288i cell or differentiating into a specific cell type. By AIMS Lab tr288i, we have a much poorer understanding of how these decisions are affected in stressed tissues.


In order to develop useful stem cell-based therapies, we need a AIMS Lab tr288i understanding of how stem cells operate under stress, since they will typically be needed in organs that are failing, sick or generally unhealthy. Knowing how stem cells operate under stress will allow the development of biotechnological approaches to aid stem AIMS Lab tr288i in regenerating tissue. Here, I propose to use the stem cells in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster intestine, a well-established experimental model for the study of stem cells in a living organism2. Using standard Drosophila laboratory tools and microscopy techniques, I propose to investigate how stem cells in the fly gut react to a series of stressors starvation, high fat diet, heat or cold shocks.

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The main goal of this project is to identify stressors that can affect the function of stem cells, which will facilitate the development of an experimental framework to identify causes and potential biotechnological solutions AIMS Lab tr288i those altered responses. Holland, Erika Grant Type: Chemicals that human and wildlife populations are continuously exposed to throughout their daily lives alter the function of Calcium channels important to a wide number of physiological processes. Exposure to such compounds has been associated with altered neurodevelopment, behavioral deficits, and changes in hormone signaling; however, the role of disrupted Calcium channel function in the development of these toxic outcomes is not fully understood.

Calcium is known to regulate gene transcription in neuronal, pituitary and gonadal tissues and this transcription is directly related to Calcium entry into the cell through Calcium channels. The proposed work aims to determine whether chemicals that alter Calcium channel activity can cause altered gene transcription providing a novel mechanism by which these so-called Calcium Signaling Disrupting CSD compounds may contribute to neuromuscular toxicity or endocrine disruption.


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