Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Windows 7 64-BIT

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Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Driver

[IMG] Comes in the original box with the walkman, earphones with the replacement eartips unused, original cable and a silicone protector plus. The Sony Walkman was to the '80s what the iPhone is to the s. in a hour battery life for high res audio playback, and this Walkman is. Sony's two new high-resolution Walkman models, the new compact series Walkman will be available in two models, the 16GB NW-A25HN (in In the past Sony's differentiating factor among other high-res players on.

Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Driver

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Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Driver

The device will automatically choose one for you, but you can manually set which one if you experience stuttering or signal loss with a particular codec.

Advanced MP3 Players Sony NW-A25 Hi-Res 16GB Walkman with Noise Cancelling Headphones Included

Still, the connection process is not ideal, my iPod Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player paired to my earphones about 3x faster. Sony include their usual plethora of audio settings and enhancements, some of which are useful, some of which do nothing and some that thoroughly ruin your music entirely.

And honestly, if Sony are saying things like: So what it does Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player is add just a hint of sparkle to upper treble notes and perhaps a little more clarity to upper mids. Sony also implement their signature 5 band eQ. There are a few presets along with 2 custom options that the user can set. The eQ works well, the additional clear bass slider is a great bass boost which adds body to the bass without distortion, though I would have liked to be able to reduce bass as well.

In addition, Sony have a feature called clear stereo which is said to analyze the right and left channel and accentuate the differences between them, more or less enhancing the soundstage. Whilst it does make a subtle difference, I feel that this setting is best left off too.

In daily usage, the UI is perfectly fluid, though it does take some time to reconstruct your library when you copy new songs over to the device. Stutters are rare and the player does well to keep up with my rapid button presses. I did not experience any crashes or freezes, the A25 is every bit as reliable as an iPod. Battery life is about Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player as good as my iPod Nano 7G, especially at higher volumes where the A25 will get closer to 3x the battery life.

Sony NW-A25 Review – Dead Media or Niche Luxury? – Everyday Listening

I would rate the software and daily usage experience of the A25 as comparable to an iPod. Sound — So sound is where Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player all comes together, especially for the Sony which bets so much on its superior sound quality.

Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Windows 8 X64

The iPods, whilst pretty clean and clear sounding, tend to lose composure with complex tracks; they lack the refinement and detail retrieval of the Sony player, the 3rd Gen Nano to a lesser extent, but the Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player is appreciable. The 7th Gen Nano, in particular, does get a little grainy in the highs and the soundstage is quite intimate.

The A25 is in between, combining the fuller low end of the 3rd Gen Nano with the clear, Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player high end of the Cirrus powered 7th Gen then adding a layer of refinement on top.

My HTC M8 for instance, whilst more powerful than the iPods, was also less composed, darker and far less detailed. But things get a little more competitive when comparing to modern smartphones which have such a focus on audio quality. My newer, much more expensive, but also Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player more fully featured HTC 10 often sounds better and rarely worse than the A They still sound great with the Sony, but not quite the same.

Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player Driver (2019)

On very sensitive monitors this is something to consider, but the A25 does still produce slightly less noise than the Oppo HA While Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player NW-A25 is a super clean sounding source, the Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player sounds even cleaner and more refined. The Sony retrieves a lot of treble detail without sounding too thin or crystalline; the 10, by comparison, is a little smoother in the high end but can glance over these micro details.

The upper midrange on the 10 is more detailed than the A25 which is strangely lacking a bit but the lower midrange is more comparable; The 10 just being fuller than the A25, otherwise both are similar in resolution and definition.

Verdict — So whilst one could complain that the A25 lacks features and is overpriced for what it is, the reality is that the A25 was never intended to Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player with smartphones and other media players such as the iPod Touch. It is, at its core, a luxury product, something intended for those with enough disposable income to own both a smart device and a dedicated audio player. Poweramp is also much more feature rich, though what features are on the Walkman, function pretty well.

In the outdoors, where minute sound differences and details are lost, the considerably more compact iPods are an easier listen, they also support remote commands and the Bluetooth system is a little less clunky. Would be nice to receive a case or screen protector, Sony NW-A25HN Audio Player both for the price.

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