Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain Driver UPDATE

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Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain Driver

Category: PowerShot A5 Zoom Unread. ART · Installing the TWAIN driver for my camera (PowerShot A5, A5Zoom), , Jan 1, Unread. Please select your PowerShot camera below in order to access the latest downloads including software, manuals, drivers or firmware. You can also view our. Using the Digital Zoom/Digital Tele-Converter 55 . Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and should never be .. Canon Camera TWAIN Driver.: MB or Printing to about A5-size. x

Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain Driver for Windows

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Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain Driver

Canon was one of the first digital camera manufacturers to reach beyond the "VGA" resolution category, with their original PowerShot At the time, the PowerShot broke new ground and established a benchmark for sharpness and image quality.

Since then, Canon Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain lain quiet for a long time, leading to much speculation about their long-term plans relative to digital photography. With the release of the PowerShot A5 and the forthcoming PowerShot Pro 70 though, Canon has not only conclusively demonstrated its commitment to digital photography, but returned to the cutting edge of digital camera technology as well.

Driver UPDATE: Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain

In the A5, we find a very appealingly packaged K-pixel camera with a commanding set of capabilities including an effective ISO speed reaching as high as Truly a shirt-pocket camera, the A5 provides truly excellent image quality in a very compact package. The 30 total bits captured for the three color channels are reduced to the "best" 24 bits in the finished image files.

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The A5 includes both an optical viewfinder and back-panel LCD screen Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain framing, and includes a high-quality glass autofocus lens, built-in multi-mode flash, and useful software. The rectangular body is entirely constructed from anodized aluminum, conveying a very rugged feel. One nice touch is the inclusion of a metal tripod socket: Our ham-handed tester found the diminutive A5 a little small to hold, but had no difficult accessing the controls.

You turn the camera on by rotating the "mode dial" on the camera top, which not only turns on the camera electronics, but also automatically retracts the metal lens cover, another nice touch. Viewfinder In common with many other digital cameras on the market today, the PowerShot A5 addresses the "optical vs. LCD" viewfinder controversy by providing both.

A bright optical viewfinder provides framing marks for the "normal" mode of the camera, and the back-panel LCD screen can be used either as a viewfinder a necessity when operating in "macro" modeor to review images already captured. You can turn the LCD viewfinder on or off at any time by pressing the metal "LCD" button on the back of the camera when in "capture" mode.

Like all such panels, the LCD on the A5 is moderately power-hungry, so you'll want to be judicious in its use to conserve battery life. Fortunately, we found the A5's optical viewfinder more than adequate for most picture-taking, and about the only time we really felt a need Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain the LCD viewer was when doing macro photography.

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This took a little getting used to when shooting some of our more analytical subjects such as the resolution targetwhich required very precise framing. Most casual shooters should find this no limitation however. A very sharp "TFT" screen, and the option to boost the screen brightness for outdoor shooting. As technology moves forward, we expect TFT LCD panels to appear in other cameras as well, but for now, the panel on the A5 is the sharpest we've seen.

Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain Windows 8 X64 Driver Download

It's officially described as a "low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor" design. The "low-temperature" polysilicon fabrication is apparently a significant factor in its sharpness, according to a Canon engineer we spoke with. We found the "bright" mode on the display particularly welcome when working with it outdoors on a Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain day: While still no match for direct sunlight, the extra brightness is a real help in seeing what you're focusing on or what you've already captured.

As you might expect though, the added brightness comes at the expense of drastically curtailed battery life. We didn't do any quantitative tests of this, but would guess that running the display with the brightness turned up cuts battery life at least in half, and possibly more.

New TWAIN Driver For Canon PowerShot Cameras

Optics At the professional end of the 35mm film-camera spectrum, Canon is renowned for the quality of their optics. While we don't know the details of the A5's lens construction other than a Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain in the documentation that it is an all-glass, aspheric designits performance certainly seemed worthy of the Canon heritage.

With a focal length equivalent to a 35mm lens on a 35mm camera, the fast f2.

Drivers Update: Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain

Moderate wide-angle lenses of this type are the norm for most point and shoot cameras, whether film or digital. In most point and shoot applications, the ability to fit more of the subject into the frame is a decided plus.

Canon PowerShot A5 Zoom

As we go to "press" "web"? The spec sheet states that it is a "f2. The lens autofocuses from 20 inches 50cm to infinity in "normal" mode, and from 3. The macro mode provides for close-ups of small objects, covering an area of roughly 2. For reference, the small brooch in the "macro" test shot is about 1.

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This is exceptionally good macro performance for a point Canon PowerShot A5 zoom Camera Twain shoot camera, although the slightly wide-angle lens makes for shorter working distances than would a longer focal length. A very welcome feature on the A5 was its built-in illuminator for the passive autofocus system: When shooting in low light levels, the camera projects a bright, striped beam from an on-board LED onto the subject, just before the shutter fires.

This provides a visible "target" for the autofocus system, even in total darkness. Low-light autofocus capability or the apparent lack thereof on various digital camera models has been a hot topic of discussion in internet news groups.

The autofocus illuminator of the A5 still won't save you from blurred pictures caused by camera shake see our note below, under "exposure"but should almost completely banish the problem of achieving correct focus under low-light conditions. Large-size images are captured with an effective ISO speed ofwhile the smaller image size uses "binning" on the CCD array to increase the effective sensitivity to ISO

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